Welcome to the partnership page with Too.kg,

We are open to considering any cooperation options with travel agencies, hotels, and other companies or individuals interested in organizing tours and any tourist services in Kyrgyzstan. Our company offers a wide range of tours, including hiking and horseback riding tours, mountain climbing, sightseeing tours, conference organization, transfers, and much more.

We value our partners and are ready to offer favorable cooperation terms. Our company guarantees the quality of services we provide to our guests. We have extensive experience working with tourists from different countries around the world and know how to organize an unforgettable vacation. We are also ready to provide special prices and terms for corporate clients and group tourists. We can offer a personalized approach to each client and design a tour that meets their needs and desires.

If you are interested in collaborating with our company, please contact us via email at info@too.kg or on WhatsApp, Telegram, and we will surely respond to all your questions and offer favorable cooperation terms. We are ready to work with you on a long-term basis and develop our business together!


Founder/Director — Sadyr Isakov (LinkedIn Profile)
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