Border zones of Kyrgyzstan
The price of the permit is $28 per person, covering all zones and valid for up to 3 months. Discounts may be available for groups. The permit processing time is 7 days.
Kyrgyzstan is a country rich in attractions, yet some of them are located in border zones, where a special regime is in place for both Kyrgyz citizens and foreigners. Kyrgyzstan shares borders with several countries: China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Typically, a special permit is required to visit the border zone, especially in remote mountain areas that are difficult for border control and patrolling. This is intended to maintain order at the border and ensure the safety of citizens traveling to hard-to-reach mountainous areas.
Border zones by region:
  • In the Issyk-Kul region, a border zone under special control is located in its southern and eastern parts. It includes certain areas of the Tyup, Jeti-Oguz, Ananiev, and Ak-Suu districts. Popular attractions in the Issyk-Kul region requiring a border pass include the base camp of Khan Tengri, the Enilchek glacier and town, Merzbacher Lake, Sary-Djaz River, Kara-Saz and Ak-Shiyak villages, as well as the Sarychat-Ertash reserve.
  • In the Naryn region, a border pass is needed to visit the Ak-Sai and Arpa valleys, Kel-Suu and Chatyr-Kul lakes, areas around Kyzyl-Asker peak and Uzengukush river, as well as the Torugart pass.
  • In the Osh region, a border pass is required to enter the base camp of Lenin Peak and the Achik-Tash valley.
  • In the Chuy region, a border pass is necessary to visit the eastern part of the Chon-Kemin valley.
  • In the Batken region, a border pass is needed for visiting the Leilek district.
Before visiting these attractions, tourists need a border pass issued by the Kyrgyz border service – it must be arranged in advance. If you are abroad, the process of obtaining a border pass for visiting Kyrgyzstan can be complex, so we offer services to facilitate the border pass arrangement.

Arranging Permits for Entry into the Border Zone of Kyrgyzstan
What We Offer:
Fast and professional processing of permits for visiting the border zones of Kyrgyzstan.

Where You Will Need a Permit:
  • Issyk-Kul Region: Khan Tengri base camp, Enilchek glacier and town, Merzbacher Lake, Sarychat-Ertash reserve, Sary-Djaz River, Kara-Saz, and Ak-Shiyak villages.
  • Naryn Region: Kel-Suu and Chatyr-Kul lakes, Aksai valley, Torugart, and others.
  • Osh Region: Achik-Tash (Lenin Peak).
  • Chuy Region: Eastern part of Chon Kemin.
  • Batken Region: Leilek district.
Cost and Conditions:
  • The cost of the permit is 28 USD per person.
  • Discounts may be available depending on the number of people in your group.
How to Order a Permit:
  • Simply contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram, or fill out the form below.
  • We are ready to assist you at any time and answer all your questions.
What is Required for the Permit:
  • A scan of your passport.
  • Indication of dates and zones of visit.
  • A 50% prepayment of the permit cost, with the remaining part payable upon receiving the permit at our office.
  • Payment is made after the application is confirmed by our manager, and a payment link will be sent to you.
Important to Know:
  • It is necessary to arrange the permit in advance (preferably a week before).
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